Poem by Issa Dioume: Tumor, tu meurs #poem #bilingual #experimental #art

Tumor, tu meurs
Like budding petals of a fleur.

Tumor, tu meurs
Like a languidly beating Coeur.

Tumor… Tu meurs
Like the mots of passants.

Tu meurs, tumor
Like the life of mes parents.

Tumor, je meurs
So be it, il était temps.

Tu meurs, ils pleurent
These are the tears des enfants.

Tôt le matin, j’irai cueillir la rosée, des fleurs du lendemain.

– Issa Dioume, 2018, 15th April
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18 thoughts on “Poem by Issa Dioume: Tumor, tu meurs #poem #bilingual #experimental #art

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  1. Yes it’s an attempt at using some of the language tools at my disposition. Now is the age of international travelling writers! We can weave all languages to touch all hearts and minds! To bring unison and comfort as far as we can.

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  2. Hello Issa, recently I have been approached by a news blog called Flyhiee. They were looking for writers willing to let publish their poems in their newly created poetry section. I have accepted. If you have any doubts or questions or willing to take part, please send them your answer on the e-mail: flyhieeofficial@gmail.com
    Foolchund Saahil.

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