#News.1: Accepted For Creative Writing Masters degree At Edinburgh University

Dear all,

I have received great news as I am sure you have understood by the title, I have been accepted for a Masters degree in Creative Writing. My hopes are that this will allow me to perfect my writing and become by tenfolds a better writer!

Furthermore, at the end of this degree, alumni are published in a literary magazine. This would be spectacular and could help get my name out there which would by extension enhance my chances of getting a literary agent and being published!

I will continue to post as regularly as possible and keep practicing my style which undoubtedly will improve dramatically throughout the year as I plan on working very hard on bettering my writing.

Kind regards,

Issa Dioume

Brother [Poem] by Issa Dioume

I Write This For You

My dearest brother, for you I do grieve
As a days’ light was stripped away by night
Wrongfully, bereaved
Leaving you many a hurdle in sight
And your garden-tears briskly mourning eves.

Our Lady Fortune, this whimsical goon
Veiled by a jet-black restless cloaked-sky
Mindlessly, before noon
Coating our dear world’s hair, a darker dye
Has wrongly robbed one of life, much too soon

In what was pilfered lies what is gifted
Where fire has passed, so too must there grow ash
Salt waves, and sand below
When it’s dark and there’s no moon: you thrash
Yet wind still does blow and has just shifted

Therein lies hope in absence of hope-thoughts,
Therein lies sweet life in absence of life
Joy devoid of scope
Toils betwixt you and the now over strife
Beseeching brother to view past blue knots

Which ’round your hands dangle like wrung bangles
Woven with flows of thread binding you to-
– Your blue mind-street angles
Hiding from your sight red-roads where cows moo
Which all good memories do bespangle

Tear that grief away, let it fly today
And beneath souvenirs of him grinning
Like the cold heated-snow, you are brewing
Let it atrophy, and then I will say

My dearest brother, for you I do smile
Knowing you had the rarely chanced upon
Friend to rest on even just for a while
A most indissoluble truth beyond –

…. – even time and space,  now life’s breath is gone

Division Revision- [Poem] by Issa Dioume

Sometimes the water flows
Sometimes the water stills
Stilling my hopes in crypts

Sometimes it rains on my face
Sometimes sun radiates off of it
Burning men like cigarettes

Sometimes I care.
Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I share.
Sometimes I won’t.

Blue birds fly unseen in the sky.
Only perceived when poked in the eye.
Manichean Mannequins of wonder.

Wanderers under a flattening roof
Unimpaired by water. It’s Rustproof.

Look yonder to cross the border.
As we are: birds of the same feather

Written by Issa Dioume

Author’s website:

Issa Dioume’s writing

If – [Poem] by Issa Dioume

Clickety-click, there comes Debros and his stick
Hear a clickin’? Know Debros comes a-knockin’!
If snooting around you see a round man in suit
Wearing dirty boots, to boot and a shivering left foot.

Squirming like a toad,  heaving, rasping, from his heavy load.
If upon a road, you smell – odours of a putrid rotten cell.
If you sense slimy hands, latch onto your back; and there: dwell.
AND a blood-curdling voice akin to plates breaking upon kitchen floors.

Know this: Debros will attack.
Clickety-click, Rickety-rick there go Debros and stick; Off to freeze another candle wick.

Written By Issa Dioume
Author’s website:


Zephyra [Poem] by Issa Dioume

Her mind is like the sky,


Her body is the earth,


Her smile is like the rain,

hitting dry soil

Her eyes, two petals aflame

Soft and smoothe yet uncontrolably

dancing to their own tune,

warm to the touch of my hand

Yet fragile in my embrace

Her whole is asunder, a tree split by thunder

And her beauty is the storm.

An ethereal phenomenon


Everything in its path.

-Issa Dioume

Author’s website for more writing:


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